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Dad Chopping Wood With His Newborn

You Aren't Going to Know How to Feel After Watching This Dad Chop Wood Holding His Newborn

Dad Chops Wood With Baby

Don't try this at home. (Unless you're a badass like Mart Laf)

Posted by Fatherly on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Newborns don't do very much — they lay around a lot, they poop, they cry, but that's about it. One bearded lumberjack dad decided that his newborn daughter was going to experience so much more than just laying around and getting her photo taken — he chopped a log the size of an oil drum with one hand and held his baby in the other. Yes, seriously.

We — as we imagine you will — have a lot of feelings after watching this video, but most of all, we feel awed by this dad's incredible skill, form, and poise. Watch the video to see him in action for yourself.

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