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Is This Father Who Made His Son Destroy His Xbox "Father of the Year"?

As parents, you want your children to strive to do the best they can in school, to get the best grades possible, and to, most importantly, want to achieve success and try hard. This often involves a lot of discipline for some children, though, as staying on top of school work at home after a long school day can be difficult, especially with things like video games hanging around as distractions. This seems to be the case for Jason, who was given three weeks by his father to turn his grades around or he'd have an extreme punishment — smashing his beloved Xbox console with a sledgehammer.

The video's title, "Good Parenting: Father Makes His Son Destroy One of His Xbox Consoles For Failing in School!" suggests that the father recording this video is showing an example of good parenting. Some commenters agree that discipline is what Jason needed, but many commenters think that the video games should have been taken away as an incentive for him to earn something back with his grades, and that three weeks is not long enough of a time period to turn grades around.

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