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Dad Shamed For Using Parents' Bathroom to Change His Child

New Dad Is Shamed by Woman For Changing His Daughter in a Parents' Bathroom

New father Damien Leeson was at a shopping center in Queensland, Australia, with his wife and baby daughter, when little Harpah needed a diaper change. Without thinking, Damien took Harpah to the parents' bathroom to change her, and all was well until a woman walked in with her son.

"She looked at me and started laying into me, saying that it was 'disgusting to see a fully-grown man in a parents' room with a little girl,'" Damien told Daily Mail Australia. "She kept saying I was a 'dirty old man.'" Damien told his wife about the exchange and both were shocked by the woman's reaction to the simple act of a father changing his daughter. "How can someone say that to someone who is just looking after their kid?" he said.

Many dads have spoken up lately about equal parenting and not wanting praise for simply taking care of their children, and Damien feels the same way. "I'm quite a hands-on father, whatever I can do to help my wife, I will," he said. "What's a bloke supposed to do anyway if he's a single dad? My point is it's a parents' room, not a mothers' room. There are no change tables in the male bathroom."

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