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Dad Sues Mom for Excluding Him from Important Decision

Dad Sues Mom for Excluding Him from Important Decision

Have you ever disagreed with your partner over an important aspect of raising your kids? A disagreement between a divorced couple in Tennessee has become so contentious that it could even go to the Tennessee Supreme Court!

The parenting issue that started the legal battle between Lauren Jarrell and Emmett Blake Jarrell is the age of baptism. The Associated Press reports that Lauren Jarrell went ahead and had the couple's two children, ages 5 and 7, baptized even though she knew that their father wanted to wait until they were older "and better able to understand the significance of the baptismal ceremony."

A state court has found this mom in contempt for violating an order that she work out major questions of the children's religious upbringing with her ex-husband. She now faces the possibility of jail time for acting without the father's consent.


Read the whole story (NY Daily News)

Do you and your partner agree on your children's religious or spiritual upbringing?

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