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Dad Takes Selfie While Wife Is Giving Birth

This New Dad's Perfectly Timed Delivery Room Selfie Might Land Him in the Doghouse

When his pregnant wife expressed a desire for photos when their baby was born, Gil Solano had something a bit different in mind . . . and now the entire Internet is giggling at the result. While she experienced a particularly painful contraction during labor, the new dad snapped a selfie that perfectly captured the delivery process. Posted on Reddit with the title, "My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one," Gil's selfie definitely encompasses the prevalent feelings during delivery — notably, excitement, joy, and overwhelming pain.

In the comments of his Reddit post, fellow selfie-snapping dads posted their own shots from the delivery room. "My wife really wanted me to grab a selfie of us before she went into surgery for an emergency C-Section. This was after 4 hours of pushing only to discover the kid was too big to come out the old fashioned way," wrote one. "She was stoned out of her mind in the pic I took and she has no recollection of it due to all the meds they pumped her up with before the surgery. It's still one of my favorite pics."

Another simply replied, "We're brothers!" before posting his mid-birth selfie.

Based on the fact that these men are alive to post these photos online, it seems that their partners weren't too upset by the pictures. According to Gil, he showed his wife the photo between pushes, and it made her laugh. However, we're not sure that this new selfie trend — especially posting them online — will be beloved by many moms. There are definitely some photos that shouldn't be shared with others!


What do you think? Do you find this sort of selfie funny, or would you rather your SO keep the camera away from you during labor? Let us know in the comments!

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