Watch the Joyous Moment When a Deaf Little Boy Hears a Recorder For the First Time

Ezra Somnitz has been deaf since birth but happens to be a music-lover. Just like his father and grandfather, the Ohio toddler uses American Sign Language as his primary language and can only hear very high frequency sounds like jet airplanes and loud music. Luckily for the 2-year-old boy, his older brother was learning to play the recorder for school, and he was intrigued by the high-pitched squeaks.

Ezra wanted to give it a try, but according to his mom, learning to blow air out of your mouth can be a difficult skill for deaf children to learn. Ezra thought that his brother was just screaming into the recorder, so he tried the same thing. After some practice, he managed to hit a note, and his reaction to hearing his own success made for quite the heartwarming moment. "It took him a few times to figure out that it was his blowing into it that was making the sound," said his mom, Melanie [1]. "This was the first time he had ever played with it, but he likes it now and in order to preserve our sanity, I have to hide it!"

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