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Description of CBS's The Talk Starring Leah Remini, Sara Gilbert, and Sharon Osbourne

CBS's The Talk: Like The View, but With More Moms

Between the panels on dramas and comedys at the CBS TCA, we got a break to chat with the ladies of The Talk — better known as CBS's version of "The View," a new talk show that was just announced last week. The show will feature six famous faces — Julie Chen, Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Sara Gilbert (who is also acting as executive producer).

So how will the show differ from The View? Mum's the word — literally. The heart and soul of The Talk is motherhood, acting as a virtual mommy group of sorts that women at home can watch and relate to. In the sneak peek footage it also looks like the ladies will be doing some field work (which includes actual recordings of happenings from inside their own homes). As expected, the melting pot of personalities came alive in the panel, with the ladies dishing on their personal relationships, professional lives, and pet peeves.

  • As I mentioned before, Sara Gilbert is an executive producer on the show, and she actually pitched it to CBS herself. She said that she was inspired by her own experience as an overwhelmed new mom. Marissa Jaret Winokur also echoed this sentiment, saying that she would cry in her bathroom every night during the first year after her son was born, and just wished she had someone to talk to about the darker, more difficult sides to motherhood.
  • Like The View, the show will also tackle hot topics and current events, but from a "mother's perspective." In addition to talking about their kids, Julie Chen added, "We're here to talk about what everyone else is talking about out there in the world."
  • As for the chosen hosts, Holly Robinson Peete said she's a natural fit since she talks about mom stuff all day anyway, and Leah Remini proclaimed herself a "yenta" and just loves talking in general. Sara Gilbert is looking at the show as a good opportunity to talk about motherhood and her sexuality head-on for the first time.

To see how Sharon Osbourne gushed about Ozzy and more, just keep reading.

  • Sharon Osbourne had a laugh about how her kids don't like watching her on TV, but got sweet talking about her relationship with Ozzy: "He is perfect. He doesn't even know I'm doing this show. He gives me all the freedom in the world that I want. He's the perfect partner for me. He does his thing, I do mine. We have the best family. We adore each other."
  • So who's the best mom? According to Remini, it's Sara Gilbert. Leah said: "I'm not always the best mom. Actually I think Sara's a better mom. . . she feeds her kids."
  • Sharon shared a few words of wisdom on keeping her kids out of the spotlight, saying, "It's a very very fine line that you have to take with children now because TV is so appealing to children with regards to celebrity and what it brings. I know to tread carefully because I know what it can do long term for some people."
  • On the other hand, Holly Robinson Peete loves to bring her children on the red carpet with her: "My kids were born camera-ready. They just are. But they're very balanced and very philanthropic. I'm a keep-it-real kinda mom. They love going to the premieres, it's a perk to get to go to the premiere of The Karate Kid. They understand that there are a few red carpet rules, but I take my kids all the time. Sometimes there are birthday parties so they can't go, but I love taking them."
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