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Doctor Must Pay Support For Child After Failed Abortion

Doctor Must Pay Support For Child After Failed Abortion

In a case unlike any we've yet seen, a doctor has been ordered to pay for the support of a child who was born after a failed abortion attempt sought by the mother. 

An unnamed woman in Spain sought to terminate her pregnancy at a clinic in April 2010 when she was eight weeks pregnant. Unbeknownst to her or her doctor at the time, the abortion was unsuccessful. Thinking she had become pregnant again, the woman went back to the clinic three months later, where she was informed that she was actually five months pregnant and that the abortion had failed. The woman was refused another abortion because she was farther along than Spain's legal time limit of 14 weeks. The only compensation she was offered was a refund of the fees she'd paid for the failed abortion. 

The woman has since given birth to a healthy baby boy. A judge has recently ordered the gynecologist and the private clinic to pay the mother 150,000 euros ($190,000) in "moral damages" for their negligence and a monthly maintenance of 978 euros ($1,230) until the boy reaches his 26th birthday.

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