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Donate, Sell or Trade? 9 Ways to Discard Outgrowns

Donate, Sell or Trade? 9 Ways to Discard Outgrowns

Are your kids’ closets bursting with old clothes and toys? Time to tackle some spring cleaning and say goodbye to your outgrowns. Here to help are 10 trash bin alternatives suggested by Circle of Moms members.

1. Goodwill or Churches

Many Circle of Moms members suggest donating to a charitable organization that will direct your items to families in need. Jamie H., who donates all but sentimental items to her neighbor’s church, advises: “You can donate clothes and toys to any church, Goodwill, Salvation Army and other places like that could really use the generosity.”

2. Homeless and Women's Shelters

Another donation option is local shelters. "Try a local women’s shelter," suggests Lynn W. “I live in PA. and the shelter referred me to a place that helps young moms. They take everything! Formula, bottles clothing and toys.”


3. Foster Children and Families

Several moms, including Minna A., suggest asking social services whether local foster children need items you're getting rid of: “They usually [sic] have foster kids in need of clothes and toys and they'll give you a drop place to take them.”

4. Daycare Centers

Daycare centers can often use gently used toys and clothes that your children have outgrown. As Tanya S. shares: “I also donate to my son's daycare. I give discretion to the daycare on whether they keep the clothes for accidents or give them away to a kid/family they know that needs it.”

5. Consignment Shops

Want to get a bit of cash back for your old items? Consider selling to a consignment shop. Jennifer O. shares: “I bring my daughter's toys and clothes that she has outgrown to the local consignment shop and this way I use my credit from selling them to purchase more clothes.”

6. eBay

"I LOVE eBay!” raves Sarah B., one of many moms who recommend earning money from your outgrowns by using the online auction site. Kerry E. agrees: “I put them on eBay and then with the money I make I then buy the next size up that I need.”

7. Garage Sales

Good old garage sales are still a standby for many moms. As Montana E. shares: “I have a garage sale after offering the clothes to my sister-in-law and brother.”

8. Facebook

Social media is also making it easier to get rid of old items, as Sarah C. proves: “I sold a Bumbo over Facebook on a local buy, sell, and swap page.”

9. Free Trades

Many Circle of Moms members suggest joining a free group that trades old items. As Becky L. recommends: “Try out Freecycle. It's a Yahoo group, you can join the one in your neighborhood area, and people love hand-me-downs.” Other moms like Bri A. suggest organizing your own swap among friends: “Find moms with kids of similar size, possibly 1-2 sizes up and down and do a swap.”

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