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Dr. Oz on Kids Eating Fast Food

Interview With Dr. Oz: How to Deal With Kids and Fast Food

Oh, those golden arches! How attractive a preservative-filled meal is to a tot. Most parents face the dilemma of deciding whether or not to take a spin through the drive-thru so I asked cardiac surgeon and talk show host, Dr. Mehmet Oz to give us his opinion. The author, whose latest book You: Raising Your Child (The Owner's Manual From First Breath to First Grade) ($14) is a must read, speaks from experience, as he is also a father of four!

LilSugar: Parents wonder if they should let their children have fast food once in a while or never introduce them to it at all? How stringent should moms and dads be about fast food?

Dr. Oz: Your child should be allowed to taste everything because if they don't taste it with you, they'll taste it without you. We've always allowed our kids to eat what they want, we just make it hard for them to do it. The real issue is not that they have fast food once a month, but do they have fast food every day. We make it easy for our kids to do the right thing. When they did the wrong thing, they would have to try and work around what we were offering. I would never bring junk food into a home because that makes it easy to do the wrong thing, but if they are out at a friend's house and they are offered junk food, let them eat it because they should be able to taste it and see what they like and compare it and contrast it to what you're giving them. Otherwise, it's going to have an allure or an exotic element to it so they'll crave it.


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