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Dream Big Because Your Child Is Watching

Dream Big Because Your Child Is Watching

A lot has happened since my daughter Matilda was born last year. (Wow, a year already. Man, it flies!) I've been a singer most of my life, but I stepped down from performing on the Las Vegas Stage so that I could stay home, raise her, and not miss one single minute. But I think I have a weird type of virus — an entrpreneurial type. For some reason, I can't just sit and veg. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I can't seem to make it happen.

When Matilda was born I launched my blog, which some of you aleady know about because it is a Circle of Moms Top 25 Tech Mom Blog. (Very cool and it's been a major ride ever since.) That made me begin thinking: Many times we parents don't want to get our hopes up too high or dream big because...what if we fail? But I'm reminded of all the successful people who paved their way to millions on the back of their failures, plural.

I was also thinking about how our babies mimic every little thing we do. Tonight, for instance, I taught Matilda how to brush her two little teeth. Just from watching me swoosh the brush left to right she was able to do the same thing. Cute — but more importantly, it made me realize that as a parent, I need to avoid tellng her one thing and doing another. Afterall, she's always watching.


So here's what I'm saying: If you tell your children that they can grow up and be and do anything they want, but meanwhile they know that you have a dream that you didn't follow, don't expect them to follow theirs either. Children are very perceptive. As parents, if we are going to tell them, "Hey baby, when you grow up you can be the President, a doctor, or anything else in the world you want to be," well then moms, we need to do the same! So I'm just nudging you a little and saying, if you had a dream that you hid away a long time ago, why don't you get down that old box, blow the dust off of it, let your dream breathe and get new life? Don't just tell your kids that they can be anything in the world they want to be; show them they can be anything they want to be — by your example.

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