25 Egg-cellent Easter Egg Craft Ideas For Kiddos

Mar 4 2017 - 3:07pm

When it comes to decorating Easter eggs, it's easy to buy a coloring kit at the store and call it a day. This year, why not try something that's just as simple but way more stylish? From glitter and gold to painted donuts, there are plenty of creative ways to style your eggs this Easter.

Check out these 25 egg-traordinary ideas!

Donut Eggs

These donut eggs [1] look almost yummy enough to eat.

The Golden Egg

These eggs may look like a million bucks [2], but they cost less than $10 to make!

Neon Dipped Eggs

Have an on-trend Easter with this neon dip-dye technique [3].

DIY Dipped Easter Egg Cups and Painted Eggs

This dipped egg cup DIY [4] will show you how to make the painted egg designs, as well as the pretty cups to display them!

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Egg

Talk about a cute craft! These Mr. and Mrs. Eggs [5] are the perfect vehicle to get kids dreaming up their own stories.

Ice Cream Easter Eggs

This is a sweet DIY [6], that's for sure!

Easter Egg Wall Hanging

Make a craft that will look nice all Spring by following this DIY [7] for an Easter egg wall hanging [8].

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

These Tissue Paper Easter Eggs [9] are so beautiful, you'll want to leave them out well after Easter Sunday!

Pineapple Easter Eggs

Whether they're Spongebob fans, or just love the fruit, these pineapple eggs [10] will make for an adorable Easter decoration.

Twine Time

Wrapping plastic Easter eggs in brightly colored baker's twine [11] gives them a rustic, homespun look.

Nail Polish Eggs

Don't waste money on store-bought dyes! Instead, use your nail polish collection [12] to create a masterpiece.


Get your hands on a few rolls of washi tape [13], and go to town — no messy dye required!

Painted Cactus Eggs

These cactus eggs [14] will give your Easter a bit of flair!

Chalkboard Painted Eggs

Write sweet messages to your tots on these chalkboard eggs [15].

Decoupage Surprise Eggs

We know more than few kids (and their parents) who would love to crack open these Decoupage Surprise Eggs [16] and see what's hiding inside them.

Perfect Polka Dot Eggs

This quick and easy craft doesn't require anything more than a Sharpie marker and some polka dot drawing skills [17].

Tie Dye – Typography Easter Eggs

Take egg dying to a whole new level by creating Sugar Bee Crafts' Tie Dye-Typography Easter Eggs [18].

Whipped Cream Dyed Eggs

We're willing to bet that you didn't know you could dye eggs with whipped cream. Did you? My Baking Addiction [19] will show you how.

A Rainbow Surprise

This craft [20] takes a little extra time and effort, but your kids will adore cracking these eggs, which reveal hidden surprises!

Chalky Easter Eggs

Using chalkboard paint and plastic eggs, LollyJane's pastel Chalky Easter Eggs [21] are a beautiful addition to the table.

Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs

Your kids won't be eating these Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs [22], but that doesn't mean that much of the sanding sugar won't end up in their mouths in the process of crafting them.

Eggs Au Naturel

Green moms will love these eco-friendly eggs [23], which use fruits and veggies instead of artificial dyes.

Spring Stenciling

Give the traditional dye job an upgrade with the easy addition of contact-paper motifs [24].

Glittery Polka Dots

Give your eggs a glitz makeover with some sparkly polka dots [25].

Paper Punch Eggs

Styrofoam forms provide the base for these clever, crafty eggs [26].

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