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Easy Halloween Treats

Easy Halloween Treats That Even the Laziest Mom Can Get Behind Making

Following the emotional roller coaster of choosing a Halloween costume with your child, there's still plenty to do to plan for the one-day October holiday, like making treats to serve at various parties and themed activities. If you are far from calling yourself Betty Crocker but still want to wow your kids with spooky treats that they'll recall for years to come, fear not: you barely need baking skills beyond making boxed cupcakes to whip up the following Halloween sweets.

Check out the easy recipes below and start planning what you're going to do with all the extra time you have left over (returning and rebuying the costume your child originally said they wanted, probably).

Image Source: Skinny Taste

1. Halloween Snack Mix

This easy Halloween snack mix has just three ingredients: peanuts, candy corn, and Rice Krispies Treats!

Image Source: Crazy For Crust

2. Frankenstein Marshmallows

Love the Day's Spooktacular Halloween party has lots of cute treats, but we are especially partial to these adorable (and easy-to-re-create) Frankenstein marshmallows. Love the sprinkle hair!

Image Source: Love the Day

3. Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats

Martha Stewart's candy corn Rice Krispies Treats are spiked with citrus zest to add some bright, unexpected flavor.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

4. Monster Munch

Eighteen 25's monster munch mixes popcorn, orange and black candy melts, candy corn M&M's, candy corn, and edible monster eyes to create an addictive Halloween treat.

Image Source: Eighteen 25

5. Gooey Monster Eye Cookies

Lil' Luna's gooey monster eye cookies are delicious butter cookies laced with green food coloring and candy eyes. Creepy but delicious!

Image Source: Lil' Luna

6. Dracula Dentures

These Dracula dentures look elaborate, but they take only a few ingredients: chocolate chip cookies, tinted vanilla frosting, miniature marshmallows, and slivered almonds for those scary fangs. Get the full instructions here.

7. Jack-o'-Lantern Cake Pops

Hi there, pumpkin! Halloween just got a little sweeter with these sugar-coated jack-o'-lantern cake pops.

Image Source: These Peas Are Hollow

8. Caramel Apple Cider

This caramel apple cider is a sweet treat they'll love sipping on (bonus points for fun themed straws!).

Image Source: Foodie Fun

9. Silly Monster Parfaits

Silly Monster Parfaits (inspired by Netflix's Super Monsters) are a nonscary treat featuring yogurt, granola, and fruit, as well as apple slice teeth, blueberry-grape eyes, and pretzel stick antennae.

Image Source: Lily Glass for Oh Joy!

10. Low-Fat Mummy Cupcakes

Not only are these chocolate mummy cupcakes from Skinny Taste super cute, but they have only 165 calories and less than four grams of fat each.

Image Source: Skinny Taste

11. Boo Cups

Orange gelatin, Cool Whip, and chocolate chips are the only ingredients you need to make these sweet and simple boo cups.

Image Source: Meet the Dubiens

12. Pumpkin Witch-Hat Cupcakes

Whisk Kid created these pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (yum!), but the Halloween topper (made with Hershey's Kisses, chocolate coins, and red royal icing) is the scary cherry on top of this cake.

Image Source: Whisk Kid

13. Black Velvet Halloween Trifle

Bluebonnets + Brownies's black velvet Halloween trifle uses red velvet cake turned black, candy corn, butterscotch pudding turned orange, and whipped cream. Delicious!

Image Source: Bluebonnets + Brownies

14. Spider Peanut Butter Blossoms

Black licorice legs and candy eyes turn a peanut butter cup into a cute spider, made even yummier sitting on top of a peanut butter cookie. This creation from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen is guaranteed to impress your kiddos! Get the full recipe here.

15. Green Eye Cake Pop

Eyeballs are delicious! Serve up a tray of monster eyeball cake pops that kiddos — both big and small — will think are spook-tacular.

Image Source: Baked Perfection

16. Frankenstein Fruit Snacks

If you prefer to keep your Halloween treats on the healthy side, try this Frankenstein fruit snack, created by Jill of Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons with green apples, black grapes, and mini marshmallows.

17. Mummy Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Amy Huntley of The Idea Room threw a mummy-inspired birthday party with tons of creative ideas you can use for Halloween, but these mummy pretzel rods — dip pretzel rods in chocolate, add eyes once they harden, then drizzle them with white chocolate — are the perfect sweet-and-salty addition to your Halloween sweet supply.

Image Source: The Idea Room

18. Nutter Butter Ghosts

Nutter Butters are naturally ghost-shaped, so dip them in white chocolate, add some mini chocolate chips for eyes, and you're done. The only thing to be afraid of: how addictive these can be!

Image Source: Our Best Bites

19. Monster Apple Bites

Beware! These monster mouths featuring apple slices, slivered almonds, and PB&J totally "bite"!

Image Source: H-E-B

20. Eyeball Pancakes

Topped with candy googly eyes, these multicolored pancakes are going to be a Halloween hit!

21. Mandarin Pumpkins

Serve Delightful Mom Food's mandarin pumpkins, clementines drizzled with chocolate and poked in the center with pretzel sticks, as a breakfast treat or a fun after-school snack.

Image Source: Delightful Mom Food

22. Frankenstein Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies treats look like heads of Frankenstein when dyed green and dipped in chocolate.

23. Mummy Apples

To make these mummy apples, use a peeler to create jagged mummy wrappings and add two chocolate chip eyes.

Image Source: Two Healthy Kitchens

24. Scaredy-Cat Brownies

More cute than creepy, Martha Stewart's scaredy-cat brownies have a peppermint surprise!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

25. Haunted Owl Pretzels

Better Homes and Gardens' haunted hooting owl pretzels aren't that hard to make (they do require quite a few ingredients), but the results are utterly owl-tastic!

26. Owl Cupcakes

One Charming Party turned simple chocolate cupcakes, Oreo cookies, and Reese's Pieces into the cutest owl cupcakes ever.

Image Source: One Charming Party

27. Halloween Pancakes

These orange Halloween pancakes are made even creepier with a chocolate syrup spiderweb topping.

Image Source: Girl Versus Dough

28. Witch Hat Cupcakes

Schur to Please created the witches' hat cupcakes for one Halloween bash, but you could easily make your own!

29. Frankenstein Kiwis

Messily peel a kiwi halfway, stick in chocolate chip eyes, and add a pretzel mouth and ears to make these adorable Frankenstein kiwis.

Image Source: Two Healthy Kitchens

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