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An Easy Way to Eat Your Placenta

An Easy Way to Eat Your Placenta

You've probably heard that in some parts of the world, new moms eat their placentas, which are believed to provide a unique health boost. But did you consider doing this yourself when you had your baby? What if you could reap all the benefits by simply swallowing a pill?

A British midwife is offering new moms the opportunity to do so by turning their afterbirths into pills that she then sells back to them.

She collects the placenta immediately after the woman gives birth, and in her home (which has passed numerous health and sanitation inspections in order to provide this service legally), she steams, dehydrates, and grinds the placenta. She then puts the powder into capsules that the mother can take.

According to Daily Mail, the benefits of consuming placenta are said to include "enhanced breast milk production and a reduction in the risk of post-natal depression." 

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Would you take a pill made from your placenta?

Image Source: Daily Mail
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