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An Easy Way to Improve Your Child's Diet

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Between busy family schedules and temptations like soda and desserts, it's not easy to get kids to eat a balanced diet these days. As Susan S. shares in the Circle of Moms Recipe Swap community, "It's really hard for me to make my kids eat vegetables and I'm so worried about the required nutrients their growing bodies are missing." She's not the only mom struggling to incorporate healthy foods into her family's meals — an astonishing 70% of children are not getting the amount of vitamin D they need in their daily diets!

Whether you want to get your picky eater more excited about healthy food or would just like to give your kids’diets a healthy boost, parenting expert Katie Hurley suggests one item you can include in snacks and meals that's packed with calcium, protein and vitamins A & D: TruMoo chocolate milk. TruMoo is not only healthy (an 8-ounce serving provides as much calcium as 7 cups of broccoli!) but it also has a chocolate taste that kids totally love. Watch the video to learn more!