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Eating Disorder Awareness Video

Teens Create Touching PSA About Eating Disorders

In a world dominated by stick-thin celebrities and selfies, it's no surprise that today's teenagers worry about their body more than ever before. They are so consumed, in fact, that they resort to drastic and dangerous measures to achieve the ideal figure. In an effort to eliminate these body image issues, two teens in Colorado have turned to YouTube to remind their peers that they are beautiful. Cameron Dreyer and Olivia Maloney, students at the Aspen Academy, created a powerful PSA as part of a project for their video club. The film, "You Are Beautiful," follows a young girl whose attempt to be thin takes a toll on her physical and mental health. This struck a cord with Dean Marcus, the club's advisor, whose daughter Mindy suffered from an eating disorder during her teenage years. It also had an impact on Cameron and Olivia's classmates. After the video premiered, Kristina Scala, president of the Aspen Academy, noticed a change on campus. "The film helped everyone say, 'here's what it looks like, here's what it sounds like,' and then created a conservation around it," Scala told Today. She also noted that students and parents came forward to talk about their struggle with body image issues. Dreyer and Maloney are working on another film, which will instill more positive messages for their peers. How do you promote positive body image with your children?

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