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The Family "Addiction" I Hadn't Noticed

The Family "Addiction" I Hadn't Noticed

The Family "Addiction" I Hadn't Noticed

The other day, I was reading something on my iPhone. My husband asked me a question and I didn't hear him. However, I definitely heard him when he got upset and said, "You are always on that thing! It's like an addiction or something! It's like you barely notice the kids and me!"

At first I wanted to retort, "Please! My whole life is you and them. For a couple of minutes a day, I find enjoyment tuning out your rock music and their shooting noises and the let's-see-who-can-fart-the-stinkiest game. Once in a while, I grab my phone and float away from all that 'fun.' Sue me!"

But instead, I jokingly said, "Did you ever think that maybe you are not that interesting?" He said, "SHARI!!" and then we both laughed.

Twenty minutes later though, I started to notice it: I wasn't the only one in the house who is "i-ddicted."

Hubby had his iPad and was reading a website. The kids were joined at the hip playing on the iPod they share. I was, yet again, reading a funny post from a fellow mommy blogger.


Yet somehow we were all happy. Peaceful in fact. Even our bird was sweetly chirping. I bet if they made little mini-mini iPods, she would have been playing a mini-bird game too.

I heard all of the judging people of the world in my head. “Gasp! How dare she let her family all be 'i-ddicted?'" I felt bad for a minute, but then I realized we had already had breakfast and lunch as a family. We also did a puzzle, played a game, did some homework, and read a book. It was now 2 p.m. and we were all in the same room on our various devices. Besides cleaning the house or baking some cookies, there was really nothing else left to do until dinner.

So I decided to let it go. The kind of let-it-go that brings peace to a family, once the mommy calms down and settles in. I decided that as long as I had checked off my mommy duties, had a happy family, and everyone was feeling at peace, a little i-action wasn't such a bad thing. For me and for them!

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