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Family Saves Eight Children from Drowning (VIDEO)

Family Saves Eight Children from Drowning (VIDEO)

The lives of several families who were visiting Henry Hagg Lake in Gaston, OR., were forever linked when eight children nearly drowned. It all began when Evan Gibson noticed a little boy struggling in the lake. He mobilized his own extended family members, who were gathered at the lake for a reunion, to rescue the boy, but quickly discovered that the child was one of ten non-swimmers (eight children and two parents) who were drowning in the lake because of an unexpected drop-off.

Working efficiently as a team, the Gibson-Rushing-Kirby clan pulled all of the drowning victims, including two girls who were unconscious, from the lake. Like pros, they passed them — bucket brigade-style — to safety at the shore.

The two girls both regained consciousness once ashore, and no-one has sustained serious injuries — although we're sure everyone involved will always remember the miraculous save. "I think there were angels there," said Lura Kirby, one of the rescuers.

Do your kids know how to swim?

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Image Source: Via Fox News
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