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Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging for POPSUGAR Moms


Why blog for POPSUGAR Moms?

Bloggers who've written for POPSUGAR Moms (formerly The Circle of Moms RoundUp) since we launched it in 2011, including 
Dawn Meehan, Susan Schuman, and Amy Sprenger, have shared with us that it has helped them grow their audiences, personal brands, and writing portfolios. Several bloggers with book deals have even used the RoundUp as a sounding board or to support the book's release. Many have reported significant increases in traffic, newsletter sign-ups, and direct book sales — on the order of 8,000 unique visitors (to a blog or website), 221 newsletter sign-ups, and 89 book sales, all in one week. (These metrics were reported by two particularly popular contributors.) 

We review your submissions once a week, on Mondays, and when we think something you've written will resonate with our readers, we actively promote it, reaching out to our 6 million site members and 352k Facebook fans through our email and social channels.

Every post we feature will include your bio with links back to your blog and your Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition, we encourage contributors to embed one contextual link back to a relevant post on their blogs.

If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter,  we also suggest that you promote your RoundUp posts through these channels. All boats will rise with the tide!

Do I have to post original content?

All content you upload for POPSUGAR Moms consideration must be original and exclusive to POPSUGAR Moms. Uploading content to POPSUGAR Moms after it has already been published on your blog or another site negatively impacts both our Google search standing and your blog's (or that of the other site where you shared the content). All non-original content will be deleted, and contributors who repeatedly upload non-original content will lose publishing privileges.

If we are unable to promote your post we will let you know within 20 business days of the day you uploaded it.

What kinds of posts are most likely to be featured and promoted?

Our readers love posts that offer useful or funny insights into parenting and family life. Draw from your own experiences and your very particular take on family and parenthood (whether it's contrarian, provocative, down to earth, or hilarious), or from an expertise you have that's related to parenting (the family kitchen, for instance). Refrain from doling out advice unless you're also willing to share how you came by the wisdom yourself. Keep it authentic!

Please be aware that we cannot feature partial posts or posts that are purely self promotional.

Are there deadlines?

No...and yes. Posts are reviewed for promotion on a weekly basis, on Mondays. We promote featured posts the week after that, for a period ranging from 1-3 weeks.

Will my post be professionally edited?

Every post we select for publication and promotion will be professionally formatted and copy edited. We sometimes also rework titles and add sub-headers to hone a post's appeal to our readers. .

What if I can't login to submit my post?

Your access will be denied if you try to access the submission page without first logging into POPSUGAR, and you'll have to try again.

Before you do so, please clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Then, login to POPSUGAR using your existing Circle of Moms blogger account credentials. Visit and click on the Login/SignUp button in the top right hand corner.

How do I create and submit a post?


To begin, login to POPSUGAR using your existing Circle of Moms account credentials. Visit and click on the Login/SignUp button in the top right hand corner.

If you don’t login first, the link below (in step 2) will not work.


To write a new blog post, go to (Be sure to bookmark this link for future use!). Please wait at least one minute for the login to work. You will first see a screen that says you do not have access, but if you are successfully logged into with your COM Blogger account, your access will work.; it just may take a minute.

In the new, empty text form, add the Title and Body of your blog post.

(If you accidentally reverse the order and click on the link above before logging in to POPSUGAR, you may get locked out. If this happens, clear your cache and cookies, then login via and try to access again.)

Be Sure to Add and Image and Source Information

Posts that include an image are much more likely to be published on POPSUGAR Moms.

To upload an image at the top of your post, use the “INSERT IMAGE” Button atop the Body field.  All images should be at least 550 pixels wide.

Be sure to include the image source information and URL as well. It goes at the end of your Body text. Please be sure that you own the rights to every image you upload. The format is:

Source: Name of Person Who Owns Image

Save Your Draft and Preview

Look for "Publishing Options" at the bottom. Select "Save Draft and Preview" and then click the "Create Post” button to save your post as a draft. You will see a preview of your blog post. At this point it is only viewable to you.

When you are ready to have your work considered for publication, go to step 5.


To notify us that you are ready for us to review your finished work, please submit your post by following the steps below. Note that although you will sometimes see the word "Published," you are actually only submitting a post for review. This does not make it public on POPSUGAR Moms, Circle of Moms, or anywhere else; it only makes it visible to the editors.

If you are starting from a preview of your post, go back into "Edit" mode by clicking on the word "edit" that appears in red text to the right of your byline. Once you are in edit mode, look for "Publishing Options" at the bottom of your post. Select "Submit Post for Review" and then the "Save Post" button.

If you're not starting from a preview of your post, select Dashboard (near the top of the upper column). Look in the “WRITER” section on the right for "Posts & Drafts" and select it. Once you're in "Posts & Drafts," you'll notice two tabs: one for "Drafts" and the other for "Published" posts. Stay in the "Drafts" tab. Locate the draft you want to submit for review, and click the word "Publish" to the right of it.

If at any time you wish to review the list of blog posts that you have submitted to the Circle of Moms Editors for review, click on the “Published" tab (also in the upper left corner.)

Now you're ready to write and submit a new blog post! Go to the submission form at .

UPDATE: The Topic of the Week feature is temporarily unavailable. Access will resume in May, 2013. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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