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The Beauty of Parenthood Is That After a Crap Day, You Can Wake Up to Something Like This

Joanna Dodge Scheuerman is a breath of fresh air on this Monday morning. Why? Because she admitted, on social media no less, that today, "I didn't feel like being a mommy."

What mom hasn't wanted to just clock out of parenthood — and all the meal-prepping, laundry-folding, and homework-helping that comes with it — for a day? So, she did.

In a sweet Facebook post, she wrote that she just wanted some time to herself:

I didn't feel like being happy. I wanted to close myself in a dark closet and feel silence and quiet for just one minute. I was miserable all day, and then I snapped at my husband before bedtime because of selfishness. We went to bed grumpy at each other and it was sad and pathetic.

But when she woke up, she rolled over to find her husband, fast asleep, alongside their kindergarten-age daughter.


"Moments like this are so easy to cherish," she said. "It's so easy to choose happiness and love in beautiful moments like this. But real love chooses happiness in the ugly moments too. Real love chooses to cherish even in the frustrating moments. A time could come where those moments are taken from you, and you would only want to have them back."

She made a pact to choose love and patience and to choose to cherish.

Sure, like the rest of us, she'll probably have more of these "grumpy days" than she'll care to admit, and she won't always practice what she's preaching, but that's life. And we're just glad that we can all stop and recognize these moments when they do happen.

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