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Funny Breastfeeding Stories

4 Awkward Breastfeeding Moments

When you're running what Circle of Moms member Slyvia H. calls "a 24-hour breastaurant," the humorous side of breastfeeding is sure to eventually rear its head. From accidental flashes to inadvertent sprays, our members have shared their funniest (and most embarrassing) breastfeeding stories. Read on; they're bound to make you laugh — or weep!


Whether you're scrupulous about covering up or proudly nonchalant, accidental flashes in public are among the most common breastfeeding mishaps shared by our members.

Megan B. recounts the time a breastfeeding session was interrupted by a FedEx delivery man at her doorbell. "I was in a sports bra with my baby clinging to me underneath," she explains. "He told me I didn't need to bother signing and ran off pretty quickly." Lindsay C. recalls the time her daughter pulled the cover off to reveal she was breastfeeding — in a restaurant. The teenage boy who was clearing the table "got quite the eye full and just quickly turned his back and walked off," she says. "The best part was that my daughter had the hugest grin on her face when she did that."


Sometimes the surprise happens with someone you know. When Sarah M. was nursing her baby under a cover at a restaurant, an acquaintance brashly lifted the blanket to take a peek — and got an eyeful of her naked breast. He had mistakenly presumed that she was feeding the baby with a bottle.

Nice Shot

Quite a few Circle of Moms members have also accidentally confronted strangers with actual breast milk. Nicole, whose daughter Phoebe once unlatched unexpectedly during a nursing session on the bus, reports that as a result "I shot a person with milk." Christina's fountain burst in the shopping mall. When her husband tried to cover her nursing her 10-month-old daughter, the baby, "who loves to be nosy," yanked the blanket right off. "Not only did I flash a whole group of people," says Christina, "but milk was spraying like a sprinkler." Luckily she laughed it off, reporting, "It was the funniest thing in the world."

Inadvertent squirts can also be awkwardly intimate. Jenny W.'s aunt was once nursing her cousin when an older gentleman came up to admire the baby and, not realizing that she was nursing, reached down to pinch her cheeks. Just as he did so, Jenny relays, "the milk shot out of my aunt's breast and squirted the man right in the eye."

Loving It Out Loud

Many moms also have stories of tots who simply enjoy their nursing sessions a little too loudly, like Nicole's baby, who will announce that she's ready to nurse by screaming "'Booba, Booba!' and clapping her hands," or Lerin B.'s 18-month-old, who thinks it's a lark to randomly pull up her mom's shirt and scream "Boob!"

Amy's son expresses his appreciation a little more gently, but no less embarrassingly for this mom. As she shares, he sings "Mnnnnn," whenever he nurses. "Of course everyone is looking at me and I just turn beet red [and] then he falls asleep."

Sorry, Wrong Boobs

Finally, who can blame a baby for wanting to feed whenever they encounter a pair of breasts? Jessica R.'s 1-year-old likes to nuzzle other women's breasts and once shoved his face in her aunt's chest "like he was looking for a drink."

Then there's Lisbeth R.'s daughter, who actually went searching for a breast milk snack when her family found themselves at a topless beach in Miami. Lisbeth's boyfriend finally grabbed the little one's hand and explained, "No baby, there isn't any milk in those ones. As Lisbeth recounts, everyone within earshot started laughing.

What funny or awkward moments have you experienced as a result of breastfeeding?

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