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Funny Kid Sayings

15 Hilarious Reminders That Kids Are Always Listening

When Amy P.'s son asked her, "Mom does this blankie make my butt look big?" it was all she could do to keep a straight face. Even when we don't think they're paying attention, it seems kids are always listening. Keep reading for 15 hilarious reminders that little pitchers have big ears!

1. Candi H.'s daughter not only listens, but watches, too. That's why it was so funny the day she put her hand up in the air and said, "Excuse me, I'm talking here!!"

2. "Just hang on a minute I need to talk about it, so don't huff and puff," is one of the classic one-liners that come out of Belinda P.'s 3-year-old's mouth.


3. Sometimes kids listening can lead to misunderstandings. When Constance told her daughter she was going to hop into the shower, her horrified preschooler replied, "Please don't hop in the shower Mommy. You might get hurt."

4. Speaking of misunderstandings, the worst is when kids don't hear your expressions correctly. A Circle of Moms member called "Jinglebones," knew her son meant well when he was trying to get his siblings to pipe down in the car. The only problem was he didn't get it quite right when he said, "That’s enough from the penis gallery!"

5. I love this exchange one mom overhead between her twins: "Ew! Get your finger out of your nose!" "But there's something in there!" "Yeah . . . duh . . . your FINGER!"

6. Sometimes there's just no convincing kids. Kristine Z.'s daughter saw what she thought was an ant and was terrified. Kristine told her it was a just a cookie crumb and her daughter yelled back, "Cookies don't have legs!"

7. Colleen M.'s preschooler must pay attention to what people say about her. Seeing a picture of a young relative, she turned to her mother and said, "She sure is growing up fast, isn't she mama?"

8. After a visit from her (perhaps) morning-sick friend, Annette T.'s 5-year-old son tried to get out of eating lunch by saying, "Mommy, I don't feel good I think I might be pregnant."

9.Elizabeth S. may think twice about talking about her diet in front of her kids from now on. As she sat down to eat a burger, her 5-year-old daughter asked, "Have you thought about what you will look like when you lose your belly?"

10. You have to wonder whether Julie S. is a lawyer. Upon being questioned about all the noise coming from his room, her young son paused and then said, "I'm not answering that question."

11. When Kim D.'s daughter was around 6, she must have thought she was being helpful in the store when her brother was asking for treats. Her response? "Stop begging, you know she ain't got no money."

12. One anonymous Circle of Mom member tends to use the phrase, "I don't know and I don't care," when one of her kids asks what she deems to be a stupid question. It came back to haunt her the day she simply said, "I don’t know," and her 4-year-old appended ". . . and you don't care!"

13. One day as Lauren J. was trying to hurriedly buckle her son into his car seat, she got this response: "Hold your horses, Princess. I'm trying to find my toy."

14. When kids listen and pass on your wisdom, it can bring tears to your eyes. I think Tana must have had tears of laughter when her 3-year-old told a man who was littering, "Don’t trash God's world!"

15. And then sometimes kids get it just right. The day Kara S. was swinging grocery bags back and forth absentmindedly, her daughter looked up and said, "Mama, stop you makin' me nervous!" It was a perfect imitation

Source: Sham Hardy via Flickr/Creative Commons
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