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Funny Labor Stories

Laughing Through Labor: Moms' Funny Birth Stories

Who knew giving birth could be so funny? These birth stories shared by Circle of Moms members prove that amid all the pain and pushing there can also be priceless comedic moments in the delivery room, especially in these four particular scenarios.

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When Mom Gets Angry

Everyone from grandma to the midwife can fall under fire when an expecting mom gets frustrated! Poor Meghan A.'s mom had to dodge kicks from her daughter, and well-intentioned nurses also get their share of back talk. Nikki M. recalls: "I gave up at one point and told one of the nurses to switch places with me and tell me how easy one more push is."

Others, including Sarah V., blame their husbands and doctors in the delivery room. Sarah remembers looking at her fertility doctor and telling him, "You did this to me!" Meanwhile, Jennifer D. says she assigned blame to the entire opposite sex: "I remember at one point grabbing my labor coach's hand and just yelling, 'Just bring me a man in here to kill, any man I don't care who!' Everyone in the room laughed so hard."

When Mom Feels Loopy

Pain-relieving drugs also create their fair share of funny delivery stories. "I asked the doctor who gave me my epidural to marry me," Sarah M. remembers. Her doctor's response? "I get that a lot!"

Nikki S.'s experience was more unique: "I was completely tripping. I remember laughing and telling everyone in the room that I knew how techno music had been invented, by women in labor, because it's all that I could hear in my head! I was convinced it was a secret between all laboring women! I am surprised they didn't wheel me up to the psych ward afterwards!"

When Drugs Are Denied

Being refused medication can also be a recipe for funny childbirth moments. "Why can't we just lay eggs?" Colby S. remembers asking her doctor after being denied an epidural. "The doctor stopped in her tracks as well as the nurses and just looked at each other and we all started laughing. The doctor looked at me and said she had never heard that one before."

Emma B., too, can laugh now about the moment she learned she couldn't have any pain-relieving drugs — although she wasn't pleased in the moment! "With my daughter I had told my hubby his one and only job was to make sure I got my drugs. . . . The look of sheer terror on his face when they told us I was way too far along for anything was classic."

When Dad Gets Frustrated

Mom isn't the only comedian in the delivery room: partners also sometimes let loose zingers when they get frustrated or upset.

As Jessica F. remembers, "It went so quick that my husband missed it, as he had stepped out to give my family an update. When he returned he was all hurt and upset and he said with a completely serious face, 'Screw this we are starting all over, put that baby back!' The nurses took a full two minutes to recover laughing before they could hand my husband his daughter."

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