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Funny Things Kids Say

Tot Talk: The Hilarious Things Kids Say . . . Chime In!

Most mothers think their children are crack-ups, but some things that come out of the mouths of babes are funny or offbeat enough to entertain the masses. I've compiled a few favorites that my own kids have said in the last month. Share your tot's utterances in the comments section!

  • ‎"I don't want to have a naked head when I grow up." — 4-year-old son on balding.
  • "We're playing dinosaur, chimpanzee, and yodeler." — 6-year-old daughter when I asked what she and her brothers were doing.
  • ‎"I have to take a bath, fly a plane and eat a coconut to get rid of these hiccups!" — 4-year-old son.
  • "This song makes my mouth dance!" — 4-year-old son when Pink's "Raise Your Glass" came on the car radio.
  • "Did you know Santa is St. Nick? Kinda crazy how he never died, isn't it?" — 6-year-old daughter on why Santa is real.
  • "I'm going to marry a guy who LOVES to clean!" — 6-year-old daughter on how to get rid of a big mess.
  • "There's a little man inside me and when he giggles, I hiccup." — 4-year-old son.
  • "He's going to be an actor. He looks just like Brad Pitt!" — 6-year-old daughter on her baby brother's future career.
  • "I love using the word touche!" — 6-year-old daughter while reviewing her spelling words.
  • "I don't want to break your heart, but I have to go to school now." — 4-year-old son getting out of the car.
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