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Funny Video About Tweens and Periods

What Tween Girls Need Is a "She-ro" to Help Them Through Their First Period

We've come to expect sidesplittingly funny videos about taboo subjects like girls and their periods from Hello Flo, the period subscription box service. Remember their genius First Moon Party video and their Camp Gyno ad? They've totally nailed it.

Well, Hello Flo is back with "The Period Fairy," where Lillian calls on her fellow tween "blood sisters" to help her find a she-ro that will help make getting your period for the first time more "vagical" – yes, she goes there! After interviewing the Period Fairy's big rivals — Cupid, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy — she decides that, "sometimes instead of looking for a she-ro, you just have to be one yourself." And the fairy she becomes is nothing short of spectacular! Take a look! And keep it up, Hello Flo, we love what you're doing for young girls everywhere!

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