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Games to Play With Your Kids When You Are Tired

Games to Entertain Lil Ones When Mom Needs to Be Lazy

Kids have an abundance of energy so even when mom gets tuckered, she still has to keep her preschool and toddler charges entertained. Here are five lazy games that allow a mama to sneak in a bit of rest and relaxation.

Flash Card Shuffle: Scatter a box of flash cards across the floor and then lounge while asking your tots to find the "letter A" or "zebra" and walk it your way. This gets lil rascals engaged and learning while a wiped out mum has a break.

Pillow Drums: Have a bed or couch full of pillows? Turned on your child's favorite CD and let him play the pillow drums — different sizes and textures create varying sounds when he pats them with his hands.


Movie Time: Rather than just setting your child in front of the boob tube, create a movie theater experience. Have your tots draw up some tickets and hand them in as they take their seats on the couch or pillows and blankets you've laid out on the floor. Then, set out a bowl of popcorn and a tray of theater snacks, dim the lights, press play and settle into a half slumber while your kids enjoy the show.

Pitch a Tent: Wee ones are always up to camp. Pitch a tent in your living room or make a homemade fort with blankets. Pull the drapes and switch off the lights to take day into night. Then, stock the room with your children's wild stuffed animals and hand each kiddo a flashlight for exploring the great indoors.

Freeze Dance: Turn the radio up and let the sweet sounds sweep your youngsters off their feet. Kick your heels up on the couch and take charge of the remote by hitting mute every few minutes to create a fun game of freeze dance. If your children like coming up with their own signature moves, have them strut their stuff in a dance off.

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