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Genetic Testing For Athletic Ability

Would You Want to Know If Your Tot Could Be a Sports Star?

Before taking a seat in the bleachers for your lil one's next sporting event, would you want to know if he had a shot at going to college on an athletic scholarship? For all of the time, money, and energy parents put into their tots' athletic activities, some might like to know that it will pay off in the long run. A Boulder, CO, company, Atlas Genetics, is hoping to help parents identify future athletic superstars at an early age. With a simple swab of saliva, the company can test for the presence of a variant of ACTN3, a gene that blocks the expression of a protein present in a high percentage of top athletes. While the test is not the only factor that experts would use to evaluate athletes, it is accurate enough to determine athletic tendencies and may spare parents thousands of dollars on trainers and personal coaches if their tykes are not destined for sports superstardom.

Would you want to know if your child might be the next Kobe Bryant?

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