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Girl Says the Easy Bake Oven is Sexist (VIDEO)

Girl Says the Easy Bake Oven is Sexist (VIDEO)

Thirteen-year-old McKenna Pope says that advertising and marketing for the Hasbro Easy Bake Oven is sexist. Her little brother loves to cook and wants an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, but thinks he can't have one because the commercials and packaging only show girls using it.

"I want my brother to know it's not wrong to want to be a chef," she says on McKenna has created a petition asking Hasbro to include boys in their commercials, and is hoping to sway some opinions with her video. Watch her video to hear why her little brother thinks he can't have his dream toy, and why she's fighting for him to know that he can.

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Do you think any of your kids' toys are sexist?

Image Source: Think Progress
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