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Girls With Treacher-Collins Syndrome

What These Parents Did For 2 Girls Born Without Faces Is Awe-Inspiring

Years ago, just a year after she was born, Juliana Wetmore made headlines and quickly became known as the girl "born without a face." Now 11 years old, the girl — who has undergone 45 surgeries because of a genetic condition called Treacher-Collins syndrome, which causes deafness and up to 40 percent of the bones missing from her face — has a new sister with a similar story.

That's because her parents, Thom and Tami Wetmore, discovered that another girl "without a face," 6-year-old Danica, was about to be turned out of the Ukrainian orphanage and forced to live on the streets because no one once visited her or inquired about her.

"We were the first and only ones," Thom said of their initial encounter six years prior.

It didn't take much thought for the couple to decide what to do. They adopted Danica and gave Juliana what all little girls want: a sister she could relate to.

That wasn't the end, though. The couple went on to adopt three more siblings who desperately needed a home.

"It's just amazing how your daughter that you look at as just a normal, everyday child that looks a little bit different has changed so many lives," Thom said. "Because you realize it's OK to be who you are."

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