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Giving Thanks for the Boppy… and Other Mom Favorites for the 1st Year

Giving Thanks for the Boppy… and Other Mom Favorites for the 1st Year

We’ve scoured the Circle of Moms communities to round up the baby gear you’re most thankful for—the essential, can’t-live-without baby items that somehow make life as a mom infinitely easier. If you haven’t tried one yet, we suggest adding it to the top of your wish list pronto…you’ll thank us later!

5 Essential Baby Items

    1. Sling. By allowing you to carry your baby hands-free, baby slings and wraps easily make the list of baby gear moms are most thankful for. “I love my Moby wrap” raves Kimberly V. “I couldn't function without it.” When to use it? All the time says Lisa L.: “With a sling, I had a place to feed my baby (nursing), a place for my baby to take naps, an easy way to carry my baby around and have my hands free, a safe space for my baby to be, to have a vantage point into the world.”
    1. Boppy. This popular U-shaped pillow earns high marks from moms like Amanda C. for its multipurpose capabilities: “I found it so useful for breastfeeding, for keeping baby elevated after feeding when he was a newborn, extra support when my little brother held my son, and when he got older he would sit in it (in case he fell back) to play and sometimes nap in it! I love the boppy!” Amanda’s not alone—dozens of moms in conversations on essential baby gear and can’t-live-without items listed the beloved Boppy as one of their favorite baby items.
    1. Bouncy chairs and swings. “I don't know what I would do without my bouncy chair” says Mallory C., and many moms couldn’t agree more! Brandy O. says the bouncy chair is a lifesaver, and Tina F. promises it’ll save your sanity. In addition to keeping babies entertained, swings can also help babies sleep. Melissa S. remembers, “I was SO grateful to have a baby swing, that's the only way I could get her to sleep for the first 6 weeks.”
    1. Newborn swaddling blankets. While opinions differ on brands, moms seem to agree that swaddling blankets are simply amazing. Renee C. found blankets with Velcro were a godsend, Harriet H. sang the praises for her Aden and Anais blankets, and Esther D. credited the Miracle Blanket with saving her sanity!
    1. Nursing gear. While every mom finds their own special combination of nursing gear, some items win raves across the board. Many agreed with Bethany B. that Lansinoh nipple cream and nursing pads are a “gift from God” for sore and leaking nipples (Medela creams are popular too). The Hooter Hider nursing covers also get cheers—Karen S. calls it “an absolute essential for nursing” while Kelly M. says she won’t leave the house without it! And best pump? While it’s not cheap, the Medela Pump In Style was highly recommended by moms in the forums.

Looking for more advice on great baby gear? Got a great tip we missed?

Of course the list doesn’t stop here. From Mylicon for gassy babies to baby monitors for watching the little one sleep, we’re thankful for dozens of great baby products. Check out Circle of Moms conversations on can’t-live-without baby items and must-have baby gear for new moms to find more tips and share your own favorites!

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