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Gradeschool-Aged Running Champions Stir Controversy

Gradeschool-Aged Running Champions Stir Controversy

Texas parents Niki and Rodney Welsch don't have to worry about getting their children off the couch. Their two daughters, Kaytlynn, 12, and Heather, 10, not only enjoy running long distances, but regularly compete in grueling endurance races designed for adults.

When Kaytlynn won first place in September's XTerra 21K and her sister won third, making them the youngest winners of this triathlon to date, their victories began to stir controversy. Some of their fellow runners are worried about the damage long-distance endurance races could be inflicting on their still developing bodies, while others feel that the Welsches may be pushing their daughters too hard and forcing them to compete.

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Where should parents draw the line on competitive sports for kids?

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