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Grandpa Matches His Grandson's Month Shirt

Adorable Grandpa Asks For a Shirt With His Age in Months on It to Match Grandson

Grampy wanted a shirt to match the baby on his birthday.

Most parents on social media have found some sort of creative way to document their child's month-to-month growth, and for Mary Beth Valuk, that way has been through a new embroidered onesie for her son, Luke, to wear each month. However, for Luke's 9-month photo, Mary Beth found herself embroidering two shirts — one for Luke and one for his "Grampy," Bob.

In a hilarious photo of Bob — who was celebrating his 57th birthday — and Luke, you can see Bob's shirt, which reads "684 Months," in all its glory.

"My dad has said to me for some time that he wanted a matching one for his birthday, so he and Luke could take a picture," Mary Beth told The Huffington Post. She sent the photo to her husband, Matt, who thought the hilarious image should belong on Reddit. He captioned the photo "Grampy wanted a shirt to match the baby on his birthday," and watched as users upvoted the post like crazy.


What's better, though, is what Grampy Bob had to say about his 15 seconds of Reddit fame. Matt said, "Grampy said he's 'blowing up like a Samsung phone' and loved the fact he was 'internet famous' for a day."

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