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A Groupon for... Breast Milk?

A Groupon for... Breast Milk?

Indianapolis Groupon subscribers got quite a surprise when the discounted deals service sent them a Groupon offer for breast milk. But what at first looked shocking turned out to be charity in disguise: the web service was asking members to donate money through its do-gooder wing, G-Team, to a breast milk bank. The donations will help cover the high costs of donation, shipment, and pasteurization for a donation center that helps supply premature babies with mother's milk.

Donor milk is typically the next best option for the babies of new moms who are sick or are in some other way unable to breastfeed. As G-Team spokesperson Kelsey O'Neill told Time, "Everyone kind of has a soft spot for providing babies the nutrition they need." 

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Image Source: via Time Healthland

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