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Hands Off My Baby!

Hands Off My Baby!

Hands off the newborn baby, please.

That's what many moms who have just given birth would like to say to all the well wishers who want to cuddle and snuggle their recently-arrived bundles of joy.

"I was comfortable with the six-week rule," posts Marina G. in the Debating Mums community. "I just don't see the need to expose my newborn to everyone else's germs unless it is absolutely necessary."

I tend to agree with her. But I extend the "not exposing to everyone else's germs" long past the first month of life. Frankly, I feel that way about all the members of my family — not matter what their age.


What is it about a new baby that cause people to loose their senses and their respect for basic boundaries?

Everyone wants to hold, to touch, to coo at the latest model. Poor kid is more crowded than when in utero.

Yes, it is wonderful to hold a young life. There is an amazing warmth and joy wrapped up in a child that has recently come into the world.

But leave the first traces of all that happiness to the child's parents for at least a little while. Let mom and dad and immediate family relish in the excitement of a new member in the clan.

All too quickly everyone else — daycare providers, church nursery workers, babysitters, mom and dad's co-workers, that nice lady from down the street whose first name you cannot remember, and preschool teachers — will make their way into the new child's life and forever end this peaceful time when it is just the three of you: mom, dad, and baby.

These new faces are all crucially important in this child's development. But not at one week or even one month of life. The rest of us need to leave some space for the bonds between child and parent to grow and be strengthened.

Give parents and a new baby some time to get to know each other before the rest of us intrude.

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