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Happy 10th, Birthday Boy!

Happy 10th, Birthday Boy!

It can be challenging to create a fun birthday party for your 10-year-old son, who pretty much has lost interest in traditional birthday parties and probably is much more focused on extracurricular activities like sports and video games. But if you incorporate those interests into the theme of the party, you can make his 10th birthday party unforgettable. Consider some of these highly recommended ideas from Circle of Moms members whose sons have already passed the 10-year mark.

Great Parties for 10-year-old Boys

1. Movie Theater Parties

Movie theaters have caught onto the fact that 10 year-old boys are done with the "little boy" parties of yesteryear, and are catering to the action-adventure spirits of tweens. Most movie theaters cater parties aimed at the tween boy set, including tickets to the show and adjoining arcade and party rooms. Linette S. says "I would suggest a party at your local movie theater - just go for the smallest package they have."

2. Sports Parties

10-year-old boys like to be physically active, and by this age are getting to be pretty good at whatever sport they are playing. With talent comes passion. "A soccer party was what we did for my son," says Charlene C. "We took him bowling and then to McDonald's," says Helen S. "We went to a park and arranged a flag football games and drills," recommends Lizete S. "The boys had a great time and did not even want to stop playing to have cake and ice cream."


A bowling party is another winning choice, suggests Luciana W. "We had a bowling party, and so that everyone would have a score, for those who don't/can't bowl, we had them put the bumpers down," says Luciana." It was great! We had about 12 kids there. The bowling alley can be an inexpensive party because they include food for each child and the one I went to takes coupons so the adults were able to bowl as well."

3. Adventure Parties

10-year-old boys crave activity and adventure, which opens the door to all kinds of creative ideas, says Linette S. "We held an indoor race track party for my son and scheduled it for 3-5 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, and I worded the invitation so that parents knew that there was going to be cake, ice cream and beverages served."

Mecca B. staged a pirate-themed party for her 10-year-old son and his friends. "The invitations were pirate maps leading to location," she says. "At the party, the boys/pirates were given new maps with various clues that lead to hidden treasure coins." Maria M. says a manhunt combined with capture-the-flag held at a local park received rave reviews from her 10 year-old son. "We held it at a local park and they came back to our house [to] have a BBQ and to play."

Great Gifts for Your 10-year-old Boy

1. Sports or Recreational Activity Equipment

Boys of this age are hard to shop for, no question, say many Circle of Moms members. "An electronic scooter and a gift card for the game shot," were hugely successful as a gift for her son, says Traci W.

2. Video Games

You can't go wrong with "Nintendo DS games," suggests Helen S. And Trish F. recommends adding to his collection of Playstation 3 games.

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