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Happy 7th, Birthday Boy!

Happy 7th, Birthday Boy!

Tired of bounce houses and barbecues? Celebrate your son’s 7th birthday with video games, martial arts, remote controlled cars and more! Read on for real mom tips for celebrating a boy’s 7th birthday.

7th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

1. Video Game Party: If extra Nintendo DS time is the ultimate reward in your son's eyes, a video-game focused party is sure to be a hit. Head to a local arcade, or follow Jillian B.’s lead and bring the arcade to you: “We had a video game truck come to our house! The kids thought it was awesome and the parents did too!”

2. Martial Arts Party: What 7 year-old boy isn’t wowed by high kicks and slick defense moves? We love Anabela L.’s idea to celebrate her son’s 7th with a martial arts lesson: "They had a 45 minute martial arts lesson, 45 minutes of games, and after they had pizza, veggies, fruit and ice cream cake for dessert. Everyone had a good time."


3. Water Party: If your boy's birthday falls in a warm weather season, consider a water-based celebration like the one Dawn C. threw for her son's 7th: “We had 4 of his best friends join us at the splash park...It was really laid back and the kids all had a good time!” On a budget? Swim at the YMCA or just stock up on water balloons.

4. Bowling Party: Bowling is a popular birthday party activity for good reason: it’s fun, affordable and requires minimal planning and clean-up. As Simone M. recalls of her son’s 7th birthday bowling party: “It was a real hit with all the kids. They had amazing laser and UV lights in the bowling lanes… AMF Bowling also provided a party host for the kids who helped them all get their bowling shoes fitting, and helped them all with the games. A big hit!”

5. Pirate Parrrrty: Serve up some swashbuckling fun with a pirate-themed party. Among the pirate-themed games Amanda H. recommends are “a treasure hunt, walk the plank game (where the kids walked across a raised balance bar), stealing the pirate gold from a 'sleeping' adult, learning a pirate song and some pirate slang, [and] a tug of war."

Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Old Boys

1. Video Games: Finally, an upside to your son’s Xbox 360 obsession: deciding on birthday presents is easy! Whether your son’s gaming console of choice is an Nintendo DS or Wii, many Circle of Moms members have found that their 7-year-olds loved getting a new game for their 7th.

2. Remote Controlled Toys: Remote-controlled toys are another winning gift for a boy's 7th birthday. Already have a car? Consider remote-controlled boats, airplanes or helicopters.

3. Legos: Several Circle of Moms members say that Lego sets were the favorite gifts their 7-year-olds received. New Lego products are continuously rolled out (does he have the Pirates of the Caribbean or Cars ones yet?) so there’s always a way to add to his collection.

4. Clothes: Girls aren’t the only fashion-focused 7-year-olds! Yannzl Z. got her son  “hip-hop attire” as requested, while Diana L. got her son a Octonauts t-shirt.

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