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Happy 7th, Birthday Girl!

Happy 7th, Birthday Girl!

Drawing a blank on how to celebrate your girl’s 7th birthday? From dress-up parties and spa sleepovers to scrapbooking kits and Nintendo DS games, we’ve rounded up real-mom tips on the best birthday parties and presents for 7 year-old girls. Enjoy!

7th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Dress-Up Parties: Do your daughter’s eyes pop at the sight of fancy dresses, feathery boas and sparkling tiaras? Consider throwing a glamorous dress-up birthday party, as Jeanette M. did for her daughter’s 7th: “I gathered a whole bunch of dress-up clothes, shoes, scarves, etc. for the girls to choose from...The girls glamorized themselves [and] then I had them walk down a red carpet and took a photo of each girl. They loved it!”

2. Fairy Tea Parties: Seven is a great age for a tea party, especially with an Alice in Wonderland or fairy theme. As Shannon K. shared of her daughter’s 7th birthday: “We had a fairy tea party for her. I made tutus, flower head pieces and fairy wings...We had cupcakes that looked like toadstools, mini sugar cookies with sprinkles, flower shaped sandwiches with sprinkles, mini pretzels, and fairy punch in teacups…The girls LOVED it...they said it was the best birthday party ever.”


3. Salon Parties: The beauty-themed party is a fun one for 7 year-old girls. As Nicki B. shares: “We had a nail art party, all her friends came for tea and everyone had their fingers and toes painted and decorated with gems, flowers, fairy dust, and pretty nail art designs.” A spa theme easily translates into gift bags filled with with sleep masks, nail polish, and bubble baths.

4. Baking Parties: “What about a baking party?” suggests Jennifer in the Moms with School Age Kids community. “The kids come over and help bake cookies or cupcakes, decorate them, and then the real fun, eat their creations. We did this with my daughter and her and her friends LOVED it…You could get really cheap aprons that they decorate before the baking starts.”

5. Sleepovers: Many Circle of Moms members have had great success with 7th birthday slumber parties, often  incorporating spa themes. Other activities to consider include crafts, cookie decorating, karaoke, movies, and jumping on trampolines! New to sleepovers? Check out First Sleepovers: 6 Tips for Slumber Party Newbies.

Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

1. Craft Supplies: It's no surprise that crafts by Lisa Frank were among Amanda K.'s daughter's favorite 7th birthday presents. From stickers and fashion design kits to origami how-to books and jewelry making supplies, crafts make great gifts for 7 year-old girls.

2. Clothing and Jewelry: Whether it’s a pair of shoes or a charm for a favorite bracelet, chances are your 7 year-old girl loves getting new things to wear. Not sure what to choose? Get a gift certificate and take her shopping!

3. Video Games: If your family has a Nintendo DS, Wii, Leapster or other gaming system, consider gifting a game for your daughter's birthday.

4. Collectibles: Think your daughter is overloaded with Barbies or Littlest Pet Shop toys? Impossible! If your little one is obsessed with these toys like so many other 7 year-old girls are, she'll love an addition to her collection.

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