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Happy 9th, Birthday Boy!

Happy 9th, Birthday Boy!

Looking to create a birthday party your 9-year-old son that he and his buddies will remember for years to come? At this age they've outgrown Thomas the Tank Engine but aren't quite ready for teen adventures. Instead, think Star Wars and the Jedi, or, closer to this galaxy, a baseball game. And consider these party ideas, all of which come highly recommended by Circle of Moms members whose sons have already hit the 9 year mark.

Winning Party Themes

1. Sports

The world of many a 9-year-old boy revolves around sports, whether he's on a team, is bursting with energy and wants to be active, or aspires to be his favorite sports hero. Any kind of party where the boys are actively engaged in something physical will be a success, advices Natalie B. "We celebrated Logan's birthday by going to the bowling alley for a couple hours," she shares.

Outings to a sporting event also are popular, suggests Jennifer H., who invited her son and his pals to an afternoon at the ballpark. Afterwards, the boys gathered back at her home. "Since Kyle loves the Chicago White Sox, I had a cake with the White Sox logo on it, White Sox balloons, and a White Sox banner that said, Happy 9th Birthday Kyle!!!"


2. Star Wars

Star Wars-themed parties are perfect for the 9-year-old boy who is fascinated with outer space. "My son is really into Star Wars right now," says Wendy C. "So we had a Star Wars cake and the kids all got cool noodle light sabers."

3. Adventure

9-year-old boys love a good adventure, Circle of Moms agree. Sandra O. suggests holding a party at a themed-adventure park. "We took Daniel and nine friends and family to Adventure Island for a three-hour party," says Sandra O. "It was brilliant and Dan said it was his best birthday party ever. They all had a great time."The pulsating techno music, swirling fog and strobe lights of laser tag is also a popular draw for the fourth grade boy set, advises Gillian M. "We went to Laser Planet with eight of his friends, and they all had a great time. "A roller disco party, which included laser guns and bibs, was a big hit for her son's ninth birthday, says Sinead C. "We invited 10 of his friends to the local laser tag/roller skating place. The kids had a lot of fun. I was told by one of the kids I was the best mum at giving birthday parties and I was delighted."

4. A Movie

A trek to the local movie theater is a great way to keep an energy-packed group of 9 year-old boys busy, Circle of Moms members say. "I've stopped having birthday parties in my home," says Sarah L. "This year we impulsively called the movie theatre and started the party at a little pizza place nearby. After lunch we walked to the theatre and bought the kids tickets to a movie."

Great Gifts

1. Sports-related Toys and Equipment

If the 9-year-old boy on your list is into sports, you're in luck because there's a huge variety of gifts to choose from. Sinead C.'s son loved his new roller blades.

2. Legos and Star Wars...Together

Since 9-year-old boys love both Legos and Star Wars, the ultimate gift, suggests Gillian M., is the Lego Star Wars General Grievous Starfighter.

3. Video Games

When they're not on the go, there's nothing that makes a 9-year-old boy happier then plopping down in front of a computer screen or TV to play video games, say many Circle of Moms members. Jennifer H. adds that the Nintendo DS, along with few games, is always a big hit.

4. Mobile Phones

Several Circle of Moms members, including Danielle G. and Sinead C., surprised their sons with a first cell phone on their ninth birthdays. Sinead C. adds that her son's new mobile "can only call me and dad." (See also Munchkins with Mobiles: When Your 7 Year-Old Wants a Cell Phone.)

Advice for the 9th Year

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