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Happy 9th, Birthday Girl!

Happy 9th, Birthday Girl!

9-year-old girls just wanna have fun, feel special and hang out with their girlfriends. With the days of princess-themed and Dora the Explorer parties behind them, you'll have to think sweet, sassy and cool to create the ultimate birthday bash. To ensure that your birthday girl feels special on her big day, consider these party ideas, all of which come highly recommended by other Circle of Moms members:

Great Birthday Parties for 9-year-old Girls

1. Rock Star Parties

Today's tween girls are confident, intelligent and totally trendy — and they love teen idols like Justin Bieber. Betsy C. suggests creating a rockin' time for your 9-year-old your daughter and her girlfriends by building the party around her favorite pop star. "We went to the park and had a Justin Bieber-themed party, with games [like] ‘How well do you know JB?' and ‘How many words can you make out of JB's name?' We had a pinata, and a birthday cake with Justin Bieber's picture on it. Carol F. staged a "sock hop" themed on the popular musical Grease for her daughter and friends, complete with a rock n' roll soundtrack from the 50's.

2. Spa Parties

Make is a "sparty," suggest several Circle of Moms members, pampering your daughter and her friends with manicures, pedicures, facials, and hairstyling. Tween girls love to be indulged, suggests Yvonne D. who transformed her family room into the ultimate spa. "Ava had a pampering party and a sleepover party with six of her friends," she says. "It was a great night and they all got facials and their nails done and watched movies until the early hours of the morning."


3. Cooking Parties

Cooking parties are all the rage, says Dyshene D., who took her daughter and her friends to a local cooking academy for her birthday. "The kids enjoyed themselves and learned how to make personal pan pizzas." Sarah T. invited her daughter and her friends into the kitchen as well where they donned aprons and cooked up the entire birthday meal, from pizza and the birthday cake to slushies, ice cream sundaes and corn dogs for a late night snack. (The girls slept over too.) "Then of course the girls also did their makeup and nails," she adds.

4. Slumber Parties

Ask the tween girls to bring their bathrobes and slippers and throw an overnight party filled with popcorn, junk food, movies, and video games. As long as they get to stay up all night (and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning), the party is a success, says Bridgette T. "We took our 9-year-old daughter and four of her best friends to stay the night at a local hotel," she says. "They played at the water park and arcade, did some crafts, ate ice cream, and had a ton of fun."

Gifts 9-year-old Girls Love

Shopping for birthday gifts for 9-year-old girls can be a bit of a challenge. They're done with dolls, say many Circle of Moms agree but love "anything Justin Bieber." They also like:

1. Friendship bracelets

Tween girls are very attached to their friends. Friendship bracelets and any other jewelry that bonds them to their girlfriends are great gifts, advises Yvonne D.

2. Spa and Makeup Kits

Nail polish kits, pedicure supplies, makeup bags and spa kits are a big hit at this age, advises Yvonne D.

3. Arts, Craft, and Scrapbooking Supplies

"They love crafts to create things like beading jewelry, wooden fashion models to paint, and sand art," says Sarah P.

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