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Heluva Good Dill Pickle Dip

This Big Pickle Called Life Just Keeps Crunching On, So Here's Some Dill Pickle Dip

Image Source: Heluva Good

Hey there, pickle fiends! You know who you are — you wouldn't have clicked on this post if you didn't wanna take a big ol' flavorful bite out of this giant pickle called life. You know better than anybody that there's nothing a bit of pickle juice can't improve, and now, thanks to Heluva Good's new Dill Pickle Dip, that policy extends to snack dips. Delightfully creamy with a hefty dose of dill, the dip is well-suited for dipping veggies, chips, or, heck . . . even frickles.

According to Delish, the savory snack dip is available at grocery stores like Safeway and Wegmans nationwide. But if you can't find the dip in stores near you, have no fear: you can make your own dill pickle dip with simple ingredients like cream cheese, pickle juice, and garlic powder. Yum! Now say it with me . . .

Image Source: IFC

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