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Pediatrician Office Staff Wears Pro-Vaccine Shirts
Health and Wellness
The Staff at a Pediatrician's Office Wore Cheeky Pro-Vaccine Shirts, and We Are SO on Board
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Barack Obama and Stephen Curry Speech About Manhood
Stephen Curry
Barack Obama and Stephen Curry Deliver Poignant Speech About Toxic Masculinity
The 8 Best Maternity Bikinis For the Beach and Beyond
Baby Shark Walker
baby shark
This Baby Shark Walker Will Get Your Baby Moving AND Singing

Hillary Clinton Shares Funny Family Moment

How a Young Chelsea Clinton Stumped Her Parents When She Asked to See a Coconut

Sometimes it's the simplest things that make for the greatest family memories. Take, for instance, the night a young Chelsea Clinton asked her parents to buy a coconut so she could see what was inside. In a new video short, Hillary Clinton shares why that simple request became one of her favorite family memories. It seems that neither the current presidential hopeful nor the former president could crack the darn thing open. They tried screwdrivers and chisels, but the coconut would not budge — making for a funny night Hillary will never forget. Watch her describe the chaos above, and tell us: what's your funniest family memory?

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