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How to Design a Nursery

An Interior Designer Reveals the Secret to Turning Any Room Into a Pinterest-Worthy Dream Nursery

How to Design a Nursery
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Julia Sperling

When it came time to decorate the nursery for my second son, I had a major design challenge: I needed to convert the formal dining room in my cozy San Francisco apartment into a multi-functional room, providing a place to sleep for my youngest as well as space to play for both him and his toddler-aged brother.

Unsure of how to tackle the project, I sought expert help from Decorist, an online interior design company that helps you decorate your space virtually for a flat fee. While I knew I wanted a sophisticated safari-inspired look, I needed a professional eye to help me refine the design and perfect the layout. Decorist Design Director Jessica McCarthy and main furniture partner buybuy BABY worked with me to craft the room.

"Creating something aesthetically pleasing yet functional was my main goal," Jessica told us.

The end result combines whimsical play elements that draw my toddler into the room with the practical features I need to care for my newborn. And it packages all this in enchanting style, beautiful beyond my wildest expectations. It's a room that captivates children and adults alike. Keep reading to get Jessica's pro design tips and learn how to transform any space into a dazzling dream nursery.

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