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How France Gets Moms Back in Shape for Sex

How France Gets Moms Back in Shape for Sex

Do French moms have it better than American moms? First there was the release of Bringing Up Bébé, a book in which American author Pamela Druckerman contends that French children are better-behaved than American children. Now blogger Claire Lundberg has published a story on explaining, in unblushing detail, how the French government pays the bill to help French moms get their vaginas back in shape after birth.

Lundberg revelas how in France Social Security funds "la rééducation périnéale," as part of routine post natal care. The program provides up to 20 sessions of physical therapy designed to firm and tone the postnatal pelvic floor. Lundberg says the French are pretty open about the reasons: "It being France, everyone wants you to be able to have sex with your husband again as soon as possible."

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What kind of post natal medical support did you receive after giving birth?

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