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How to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

The Unexpected Way to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Here's a post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post from blogger Betsy Shaw, who has a sneaky way to get her tot to eat her veggies — give her technique a try, and let us know if it works for you!

My youngest will not eat broccoli unless I forbid her to eat broccoli.

Seriously. Broccoli, perfectly cooked, green as a new spring leaf, lightly buttered and salted, will sit untouched on her plate until I utter the words, "Don't eat that!" in a tone of mock sternness.

"Whatever you do, Isla, don't let me see you putting that broccoli anywhere near your mouth!"

Voila! Much giggling ensues and broccoli vanishes into the cake hole never to be seen again. It works every time. It works with other foods too. Unless they are foods that just don't pass the yucky texture test, like spinach. Then the game is over.

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What I didn't know until this very morning, is, according to the Telegraph UK, psychologists have discovered another interesting way to get your kids to eat green vegetables. They have found that kids are far more likely to try foods they don't like if they see adults smiling while eating them.

Click here to read the rest of Betsy's approach — and what British psychologists have to say — about the battle of the broccoli!

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