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How to Make a Cardboard Box Airplane Costume

Reach For the Stars With an Airplane Costume Made From a Cardboard Box

There's nothing like a handmade costume! If you bring your child into the creation process, he'll wear that costume with pride as he trick-or-treats his way around the neighborhood. A cardboard box provides endless costume possibilities that can all be made with items you have around the house. With little more than a cardboard box, some paint, and some scissors, we've created a wearable airplane that is the perfect prop to support your lil aviator this Halloween. Best of all, the process is also a way to teach your tot about recycling, because even if he's reaching for the stars, he still needs to care about planet Earth!

Keep reading to see how we created the ultimate flying machine.

What You'll Need:

  • Medium-size cardboard box, plus spare cardboard pieces
  • Blue and red paint
  • Box cutter
  • Tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Stapler
  • Plastic wrap


  1. Cut the flaps off of the top of the box (reserving them for other uses). This will now be the bottom of your plane.
  2. Cut an opening out of the top of the box that will allow it to go over your child's head and rest on his shoulders.
  3. Using your box cutter, cut out some small holes on either side of the box that will become armholes. The armholes should be near the front of the plane.
  4. Paint the box your desired airplane body color.
  5. Now, create the wings for your plane. Place strips of tape on the two longer flaps that were cut off of the plane in the first step. Paint the flaps the same color as the body of the plane.
  6. Remove the pieces of tape and paint the empty spaces an alternate color.
  7. Once the airplane wings have dried, create a one- to two-inch flap, folding the end without the racing stripes. Attach the wing to the body of the plane by taping, or stapling, the folded portion of the wing inside the armholes.
  8. Create a propeller for the front of the plane using the smaller flaps from the original top of the box. Cover the smaller flaps with aluminum foil. Using the stapler, attach the two flaps together in an "X" formation.
  9. Using a spare piece of cardboard, cut a small circle (about six inches in diameter). Paint the circle the same color as your racing stripes. Once the circle is dry, staple to the center of the propellers.
  10. Use another spare piece of cardboard to create a windshield. The piece of cardboard should be the same width as the body of the plane and approximately eight inches high. Cut out the center of the "windshield," leaving a one-inch border.
  11. Paint the "windshield" the same color as the racing stripes and attach a piece of plastic wrap to the inside of the border. Staple the "windshield" to the body of the plane. And staple the propeller to the front of the plane.
  12. Have your child place his arms through the armholes to move the plane wings as he flies down the street.
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