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How to Make Kids Believe in Santa

5 Ways to Keep the Magic of Christmas Alive For Kids

There comes a year in every household when formerly firm believers in Saint Nick begin to doubt his validity. While you certainly don't want to still be keeping up the guise when your tots become teenagers, no parent wants to take away the magic of Christmas for their kids at too early of an age. What to do if you have a little Santa doubter in your house this Christmas? Show him evidence that the man in red is the real deal, of course. Gone are the days when a handwritten note and some reindeer tracks by the fireplace would suffice. It's 2012, and Santa's gone high-tech, with apps, websites, and phone tricks aplenty to keep little ones believing. Here are five of our favorite resources for keeping the Christmas magic alive for at least another year. Ho, ho, ho!

  • Catch Him in the Act: In just three easy steps, you can create a photograph of Santa in your very own living room. Snap a photo of your Christmas tree or fireplace with your cell phone, add in one of iCaughtSanta's Santa pics, and share with your kids. Oh, what fun!
  • Show Your Kids a Video Made Especially For Them: Tweet Telefonica 02's YouTube and Twitter Santa with the hashtag #02santa, and he'll create a personalized video for your kiddos — and upload it to YouTube in time for Christmas!
  • Schedule a Santa Skype Session: Dublin-based Santa's Video Calls allows mom or dad to schedule a 10-minute Skype session for their little one to chat live with jolly old Saint Nick!
  • iChat With Santa: Santa's Video Chat allows you to record your own message, then disguises your voice and simulates a video call from Santa himself.
  • Track Santa's Journey From the North Pole: NORAD has been tracking Santa for close to 60 years, but the site's become tech-savvy, with complementary apps and Bing map features.
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