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How to Be the Perfect Guest to New Parents

How to Be the Perfect Guest to New Parents

After becoming a mom, I have a newfound appreciation for people who know their manners when it comes to visiting new parents.  Although there is no greater joy to a new mom and dad than showing off their pinkfoot, I'm often astounded to see that the memo on meeting Baby in a considerate manner has apparently not been circulated to everyone. Oy! So with that in mind I bring you my candid guide on how to be the perfect guest to new parents:

1. Don't just show up uninvited.

For a new mom to get herself, her newborn and her household in a presentable state is quite the operation, so let them know you're coming beforehand.  

2. Be on time.

Your visit is more than likely squeezed in between feedings, bathtime and naptime (for both Babe and Mom), so being late is really inconsiderate.

3. Don't overstay your welcome.

New parents are exhausted; new moms often have the blues; and everyone is still trying to find their feet. A guest that hangs around for hours and hours just adds to the exhaustion.  Don't stay for longer than 15 minutes, unless you're asked to.

4. Don't expect to be wined and dined.

New moms barely have time to bath, let alone wash a sink full of dishes after regaling a house full of guests. If you're invited to drink a cup of coffee, offer to wash the dishes afterwards. 


5. Bring food.

One or two of our guests brought a dish full of lasagne and veggies after Baby Girl's birth and it was as if I could hear the angels sing when I opened the lid.  Such a welcome and thoughtful gift - new moms do not have loads of time to cook.

6. Don't ask to play with or hold Baby if he or she is sleeping.

New parents do not want to wake up their sleeping newborn. It took them ages to get him/her to sleep.  Period.
Stay away if you're sick. If you have a flu or a cold sore or anything remotely related, cancel your visit and re-schedule for when you're better.  Caring for a sick baby is no joke.

7. Keep untactful comments to yourself.

Yes, the new mom is fully aware of the fact that she still looks pregnant one week after giving birth. She's working on it.  And yes, everyone is aware of the fact that the house isn't spotless. Right now, that's just not a priority. Keep your thoughts to yourself and be kind.

What greater blessing is there than the celebration of a new life? Do so with consideration and kindness and be a part of the joy of the occasion!

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