10 Real Fears About Love After Divorce

Apr 6 2018 - 11:16am

Happily ever after can seem pretty lofty to someone who has gone through a divorce [1]. Actually, make that downright impossible (at least in the beginning). It's easy to get trapped in your fears about love after someone you once thought was "the one" [2] is now a stranger. It's easy to doubt yourself and get stuck in negative thinking when you genuinely thought this marriage was going to last forever [3]. How are you still supposed to believe in love when you just watched it utterly and completely fail? While it's normal to be cautious about love after divorce [4], just don't be hopeless. Keep reading for 10 real fears about love after divorce, and remember: today you may be afraid, but with time, you'll believe again. I promise.

Putting Yourself Out There

The fear of going out into the dating world and putting yourself out there for someone to reject is difficult. You hem and haw over taking the chance, but once you do, you remember that nothing amazing ever happens without a little risk.

Having Faith

Believing romantic love exists at all is hard after divorce. Believing that it will happen to you and be right is even harder. There are many tears and prayers involved. Keep the faith.

Afraid of the Fight

Did you and your ex have it out? A lot? Those fights, those cold and lonely nights — what if they happen again? You can't bear to go through that. But it doesn't have to be that way. When it's right, it's not cruel. Love is never cruel.

Believing That Person Exists

You may feel skeptical and bitter. You may feel jaded. You may feel like love can't happen to someone like you, but it can! It can and it will!

Getting Your Confidence Back

Oh, this is a toughie! You're afraid that you're not good enough. You may fear that getting your groove back is impossible, but it's not. Even if your light dims just a little bit, it will never go out, and you can make it burn brighter than ever before.

Trusting Someone

Loving someone new after a divorce requires the ability to trust. Can you do that again? After someone lied or cheated, how can you have faith in another person? You must and you will.

What If?

One of the biggest fears about love after divorce is fear itself. All the "what ifs?" The doubt. The heartache. You'll move past it. The clouds will always clear.

Feeling Sexy

Are you desirable still? Do you still have it? You may doubt your sex appeal, but it's still there, girl! You've got to believe in yourself.

Can You Be Vulnerable?

Can you really share all of your baggage and life with someone again? Can you really allow someone in? Will this person accept you? Yes . . . the right person will, divorce and all.

Will the Heat Be There?

Will you ever feel attracted to or turned on by someone else? Will you have sex again? YES and YES.

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