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How to Stop Baby From Crying in the Stroller

Putting an End to Baby's Stroller Strike

Of all the challenges of new motherhood, taking a walk with your baby shouldn't be one of them. But when your lil one decides that their stroller is the enemy, walks can quickly turn into a nightmarish experience. If your baby is staging a strike against his stroller, here are five ways to negotiate a happy ending and a smooth ride for all.

  1. Spend time in the stroller at home: Train your baby to view his stroller as a positive place by putting him in it while in the comfort of your own home. Talk to the baby, show him toys, wheel him back and forth, and before he starts to get fussy, take him out. Eventually, he'll (hopefully!) build a positive association.
  2. Make sure that the stroller is comfortable: Check the stroller's straps to make sure that they're not too tight, or loose, for your baby. They should fit snugly without pinching or pulling. If you have a tiny baby who seems lost in her seat, invest in an infant insert to provide support and cushioning.
  3. Give him the view he wants: Some babies prefer facing Mom or Dad, while others like to face outward. To find out if this applies to your little one, simply flip the seat — an option that your stroller will hopefully allow. This was all it took for my 3-month-old to go from a fussy baby to a happy cruiser.

Keep reading for more methods for putting an end to your baby's stroller strike!

  1. Provide ample entertainment: There are tons of great toys out there that are designed specifically for strollers. Consider a portable mobile, or attach toys to the stroller with Fisher-Price Link-a-Doos. Keep a steady rotation of new toys going so that your baby doesn't get bored.
  2. This too shall pass: Like most all inexplicable phases, your baby's likely to outgrow their hatred toward the stroller in his or her own time. Keep trying, and in the meantime, put your Baby Bjorn or sling to good use!
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