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How to Teach Kids To Do Laundry

How to Teach Kids To Do Laundry

Moms can always use an extra pair of helping hands around the house, especially in the laundry room! To make your family's weekly laundry demands more manageable, many moms recommend getting the kids involved. But what's the right age to teach children to do laundry? In many ways it depends on the maturity of your child, but here we've rounded up the general consensus from Circle of Moms members on the different laundry concepts to teach kids at various ages.

Folding, Sorting, Loading (Ages 2-4)

Children aged 2-4 are often eager to be mama's little helper, so it's a great time to introduce them to laundry basics like folding, sorting and loading the laundry machine. As Mary P. shares: "Little ones like to 'help.' Let them put things away or 'fold' washcloths. As they age, allow them to sort dirty laundry into categories." Denikka G. agrees, sharing that her toddler loves helping with simple laundry tasks: "My son is 2.5 years old and he already helps with laundry. He loves to throw the clothes into the washer."

Detergent, Dryer Sheets & Transferring Clothes (Age 5-7)

As kids get a little older and better understand that certain products are dangerous, it's a better time to let them be involved in measuring detergent. Tamara R. also suggests that age 5-6 is a good time to teach laundry steps like "transferring the laundry and adding the dryer sheets."

Machine Details & Supervised Solo Loads (Age 8-10)

When it comes to explaining laundry machine details to kids, several Circle of Moms members advise waiting until around age 8-10. As Leah W. shared: "My daughter started using the machine at age 9.…She loved it! She's a pro at doing laundry now at 15!" At this point, many moms encourage supervising your child while they do the laundry (nothing like a solo red sock in a load of white linens to ruin your day), but others say their children were capable at this point of doing the entire laundry process without parental supervision.

Unsupervised Laundry & Stain Treating (Tweens & Teens)

Depending on the maturity of your child, the preteen or early teen years may be the right time to have them do laundry entirely on their own. As Terri A. recalls: "All of ours started doing their own by the time they were 13. I have all the necessary supplies within easy reach. I think it's a disservice to teens not to teach them basic chores that they will have to do when they go off to college."

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